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Essan Hansen, NOPHEK GLOSS author

Essa Hansen, NOPHEK GLOSS author

NOPHEK GLOSS author Essa Hansen discusses writing her debut science fiction novel, how she approached her sci-fi universe's elaborate world-building, and the influence of her work as a movie sound designer on her storytelling.


Leigh Bardugo — THE LIVES OF SAINTS Author

Leigh Bardugo is the author of the young adult fantasy Grishaverse novels (Shadow & Bone, Six of Crows). THE LIVES OF SAINTS is a collection of Grishaverse religious folklore, a physical manifestation of an item from her stories.

Fictitious - The Storytelling Craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy - Icon

The Storytelling Craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy

FICTITIOUS is a YouTube show and podcast that delves into the craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.

Fictitious is hosted and produced by Adron Buske, co-produced by Wendy Buske, and is a Nerd For A Living production.

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Richard Kadrey — BALLISTIC KISS author

Richard Kadrey — BALLISTIC KISS author

BALLISTIC KISS is the 11th book in Richard Kadrey's SANDMAN SLIM urban fantasy series. We discuss the books' mythological influences, creating arcs across a large series, and how he finds new things to explore with a long-running character.