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ESCAPING EXODUS: SYMBIOSIS author Nicky Drayden talks about her Afrofuturist sci-if/space opera duology that started with ESCAPING EXODUS. We discuss the novels' extraordinary—and squelchy—world-building, the layered social caste and plural family dynamics, and environmentalism themes.

M.A. Carrick, THE MASK OF MIRRORS author (co-writing team of Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms)

M.A. Carrick — THE MASK OF MIRRORS author

THE MASK OF MIRRORS author M.A. Carrick—co-writing team Marie Brennan & Alyc Helms—talk about their twisty, intricate Fantasy novel. We explore their collaboration creative process, the impact of their anthropology backgrounds on the world-building, and their setting's casual queerness.

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The Storytelling Craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy

FICTITIOUS is a YouTube show and podcast that delves into the craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.

Fictitious is hosted and produced by Adron Buske, co-produced by Wendy Buske, and is a Nerd For A Living production.

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Greta Kelly, author of THE FROZEN CROWN debut fantasy novel from Harper Voyager

Greta Kelly — THE FROZEN CROWN author

THE FROZEN CROWN author Greta Kelly talks about the creative process for her debut Fantasy novel, the first in a duology. We discuss writing a tightly plotted court-side political drama, layered with tangled romances, conflicting loyalties, and death magic.

Cass Morris, author of GIVE WAY TO NIGHT and FROM UNSEEN FIRE

Cass Morris — GIVE WAY TO NIGHT author

FROM UNSEEN FIRE author Cass Morris talks about its sequel, GIVE WAY TO NIGHT, the 2nd book in the AVEN CYCLE. We discuss her creative process for the Ancient Rome-inspired fantasy, the trouble with prophecies, and handling a large cast.

Evie Green, WE HEAR VOICES author

Evie Green — WE HEAR VOICES author

WE HEAR VOICES author Evie Green talks about creating her new horror / science fiction novel. We discuss her leap into horror after writing many thriller and YA books, juggling complicated thematic elements, and why readers love the 'creepy kids' trope.