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Fictitious Writer Playlists

Fictitious Writer Playlists are curated collections of music designed to inspire and fuel your writer brain. Each playlist is available on Spotify.

High Fantasy — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“High Fantasy” — Writing Playlist

Swords and sorcery, monsters and mayhem. Extraordinary heroes embark on epic adventures in your High Fantasy stories. This playlist accompanies your quest through rolling countryside, humble towns, to the brink of war, calamity — and victory.

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A Safe Place — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“A Safe Place” — Writing Playlist

During tumultuous times and harrowing adventures, sometimes the most welcome thing is a simple, isolated haven. Give your characters a calm before the inevitable storm — to rest, to heal, to love — here in A Safe Place.

Urban Fantasy — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Urban Fantasy” — Writing Playlist

These city streets are home to more than mundane mortals. Arcane magics, bloodthirsty brooders, and shapeshifting monsters lurk in the shadowy corners of your Urban Fantasy. Grab your spellbook, sword, or chainsaw and let's get to hunting!

Into The Deep — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Into The Deep” — Writing Playlist

Down, down... always further into the earth, farther from the light. Whether in subterranean caves, sunken citadels, or drowned cities under the waves, this soundscape follows your characters where only the brave descend — into The Deep...

Space Opera — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Space Opera” — Writing Playlist

Boldly go into the deep reaches of the galaxy in search of high adventure and nerve-rattling drama. Noble protagonists and dubious allies face off against nefarious aliens and warhawk human colonizers. What's at stake? The Universe itself!

Dystopia — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Dystopia” — Writing Playlist

An evil world order... A techno-corporate police state... A world fallen into a malignant, decaying Dystopia. This soundscape crafts an aural image of a society gone dark — waiting for your heroes to bring back the light.



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