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Fictitious host Adron Buske will moderate the Edelweiss Bookfest 2021 panel "Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe" on June 8th. Bookfest is a huge 2-day virtual event featuring over a hundred authors, keynotes, professional training, and more. Use my coupon code — ADBUBOOKFEST30 — to get your all-access pass for only $20!
Fictitious host Adron Buske returned to San Diego Comic-Con International in 2019 to host two panels, interview authors, and generally geek out with the huge SDCC crowd. Check out our photo recap of the event and panels.
Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore presents Care and Nurturing of Someone Else's Universe, moderated by Adron Buske at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Featuring F.C. Yee, Matt Forbeck, Brenna Yovanoff, Adam Christopher, Kiersten White and Gary Phillips.
Fictitious returns to San Diego Comic-Con to host our panel "10 Points to Slytherin: Why Good Fans Love Evil Characters" on Friday July 19th. Speakers include Marissa Meyer, Renée Ahdieh, Keto Shimizu, Caitlin Starling, and Shaun Barger.
That's a wrap on Season 3 of Fictitious! I’ll be taking a short summer break to travel and work on a few projects. Fictitious will return on Monday, July 22nd with celebrated science fiction screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski.
Fictitious host Adron Buske will be at Planet Comicon 2019 in Kansas City to present three signature speaker panels, and to host several main stage events. Fictitious panels include: Here There Be Dragons; The Real Life Power-Up; and Story Unlimited.
Fictitious host Adron Buske will be at Emerald City Comic Con 2019 in Seattle to host two speaker panels: 10 Points to Slytherin: Why Good Fans Love Evil Characters, and Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods to Tell YOUR Story.
Let's explore a singular work that sent ripples through your imagination. A story that took seed in your mind, that you can trace the roots into your own stories.
Is there a book from your childhood that you remember introducing you to a genre of fiction, like sci-fi, fantasy, or horror?
As an old saying goes: "If a book is not worth reading twice, it is not worth reading once." What book have you most often re-read?
Tuesday, January 8th, marks the release of Eyal Kless's debut novel, The Lost Puzzler, published by Harper Voyager. Happy #BookBirthday, Eyal!