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Marina Lostetter, THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author - Fictitious writer interview

Marina Lostetter — THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author

THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author Marina Lostetter discusses her mystery-infused dark fantasy novel. We dig deep into her elaborate world-building and object-based magic system, how she discovered the story's themes, and her messy, start-at-the-end plotting methodology.

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Eli Brown, ODDITY author — Fictitious writer interview

Eli Brown — ODDITY author

ODDITY author Eli Brown discusses his alt-history fantasy novel for young readers. We talk world-building in an 1800's North American setting, approaching sensitive historical topics, creating an objected-based magic system, and tackling themes of grief, trauma & agency for a middle grade audience.

Sarah Beth Durst, THE BONE MAKER author | Fictitious interview

Sarah Beth Durst — THE BONE MAKER author

THE BONE MAKER author Sarah Beth Durst talks about her dark (but hopeful) fantasy novel. We discuss this standalone story's exploration of second chances, the hero's relationship with the idea of being a hero, and how relationships evolve under the weight of time, duty, and trauma.

C.L. Clark, THE UNBROKEN author — Fictitious writer interview

C.L. Clark — THE UNBROKEN author

THE UNBROKEN author C.L. Clark discusses her brutal and complex military fantasy debut about a conscripted soldier returned to her homeland, and a princess in search of a turncoat. We talk about the novel's examination of colonialism, and the power imbalance at the heart of the story's romance.

T. Frohock, author of A SONG WITH TEETH and the Los Nefilim dark fantasy series — Fictitious author interview

T. Frohock — A SONG WITH TEETH author

A SONG WITH TEETH author T. Frohock discusses writing her long-running Los Nefilim dark fantasy series, which features 3 novellas and 3 full-length novels. We talk about the intricate world-building for the action-packed saga that sees angels and daimons as 1930s gangsters.


Eugen Bacon — THE ROAD TO WOOP WOOP author

THE ROAD TO WOOP WOOP: AND OTHER STORIES author Eugen Bacon talks about her speculative fiction collection and why she loves writing short stories. We discuss how these lyrical tales weave sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism, and horror elements to explore empathy and disconnection, identity and longing.

M.A. Carrick, THE MASK OF MIRRORS author (co-writing team of Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms)

M.A. Carrick — THE MASK OF MIRRORS author

THE MASK OF MIRRORS author M.A. Carrick—co-writing team Marie Brennan & Alyc Helms—talk about their twisty, intricate Fantasy novel. We explore their collaboration creative process, the impact of their anthropology backgrounds on the world-building, and their setting's casual queerness.



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