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The Fictitious podcast, hosted & produced by Adron Buske, explores the craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers.

If you are an author / creator who is interested in appearing on the show, or a publicist / publisher representing an author, use the contact form below to make a request.

Please review our programming guidelines (below the form) before submitting your interview request.

As our show schedule fills up, it may not always be possible to review and produce an interview before publication date. If your request is particularly time sensitive, please make note of that in your message.

Fictitious is not currently accepting submissions. Please check back at a later date.

Program Content

The science fiction and fantasy genres cover a great many sub-genres and literary niches. We will occasionally feature stories from overlapping genres, such as horror (dark fantasy) and supernatural / fantasy romance.

While our focus is books for the adult reader market, we often feature Young Adult writers and works.

The kind of stuff we love to read and feature:

  • Books from diverse authors
  • Thoughtful and challenging stories and perspectives
  • Standalone novels and first-in-series books
  • Novellas

The kind of stuff we tend to avoid:

  • Self proclaimed “Message Free” stories
  • Genre-clones of popular books or TV series
  • Hard military sci-fi
  • Run-of-the-mill vampire/werewolf/witches/etc.
  • Erotica (we’re okay with some sexy times, as long as it’s not the primary focus of the novel)
  • Horror of the splatter or torture variety
  • Giant doorstopper novels of 700+ pages
  • Comics & graphic novels (which we love but this show just isn’t about them)

Fictitious features both traditionally published and independently published authors. Please note: to be considered, indie and digital-only authors should have professional quality covers and editing.

Review Copies

Before confirmation of interview scheduling, we require a review copy of the author’s latest book. (Retail copy or ARC.)

If the latest release is a sequel or part of a series, please consider providing all relevant books from the series for review. 

Physical copies are preferred! 

eBooks are permissible if the author publishes digital only. PDF, Mobi or ePub formats are acceptable. Fictitious has NetGalley and Edelweiss accounts—use the form above to request our email for pre-approvals.

Use the contact form above to request mailing address for galleys / ARCs / finished copies.

We reserve the right to decline the interview request if, upon review, the book/work does not fit our programming guidelines or content standards.

Please note: unsolicited review copies do not guarantee or obligate an interview, feature, or book review. You are encouraged to message us through the form above before sending.



FICTITIOUS is a YouTube show and podcast that delves into the craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. Hosted & produced by Adron Buske.

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