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Zen Cho, author of BLACK WATER SISTER — Fictitious author interview


Zen Cho discusses her latest book, BLACK WATER SISTER, an urban fantasy of ghosts, grandmas, and gangsters set in Malaysia. We talk about crafting authentic regional dialects, writing "fantasy" using real world religious lore, and exploring cultural idiom in world-building.

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T. Frohock, author of A SONG WITH TEETH and the Los Nefilim dark fantasy series — Fictitious author interview

T. Frohock — A SONG WITH TEETH author

A SONG WITH TEETH author T. Frohock discusses writing her long-running Los Nefilim dark fantasy series, which features 3 novellas and 3 full-length novels. We talk about the intricate world-building for the action-packed saga that sees angels and daimons as 1930s gangsters.

Richard Kadrey — BALLISTIC KISS author

Richard Kadrey — BALLISTIC KISS author

BALLISTIC KISS is the 11th book in Richard Kadrey's SANDMAN SLIM urban fantasy series. We discuss the books' mythological influences, creating arcs across a large series, and how he finds new things to explore with a long-running character.

Dan Stout, author of TITAN'S DAY

Dan Stout — TITAN’S DAY Author

Author Dan Stout returns to Fictitious! We talk about his new novel, TITAN'S DAY (DAW Books), the completely different experience of writing a sequel (to his debut novel, TITANSHADE), and the life of an author during the pandemic.

Urban Fantasy — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Urban Fantasy” — Writing Playlist

These city streets are home to more than mundane mortals. Arcane magics, bloodthirsty brooders, and shapeshifting monsters lurk in the shadowy corners of your Urban Fantasy. Grab your spellbook, sword, or chainsaw and let's get to hunting!

Dystopia — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Dystopia” — Writing Playlist

An evil world order... A techno-corporate police state... A world fallen into a malignant, decaying Dystopia. This soundscape crafts an aural image of a society gone dark — waiting for your heroes to bring back the light.



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