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Duncan Swan, MONSTRE VOLUME ONE author

Duncan Swan — MONSTRE VOLUME ONE author

MONSTRE VOL. ONE author Duncan Swan talks about launching his debut sci-fi/horror thriller via a successful Kickstarter campaign, the decision to split the long dual-narrative novel into two volumes, and writing for multimedia adaptability.

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We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix

“We Sold Our Souls” by Grady Hendrix

Hellbent for metal and hard-up for mercy, Grady Hendrix's WE SOLD OUR SOULS follows an aging, has-been musician as she attempts to win back her dignity, and soul, from the bandmate that sold her out.

Slender Man

“Slender Man” by Anonymous

SLENDER MAN is a suspenseful, horror-lite, highly-meta novel about the terrors that may or may not exist outside of our own minds. While the found footage tale is unremarkable, it is a fast, fun read for thriller lovers.



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