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Marina Lostetter, THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author - Fictitious writer interview

Marina Lostetter — THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author

THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT author Marina Lostetter discusses her mystery-infused dark fantasy novel. We dig deep into her elaborate world-building and object-based magic system, how she discovered the story's themes, and her messy, start-at-the-end plotting methodology.

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Dan Stout, author of TITAN'S DAY

Dan Stout — TITAN’S DAY Author

Author Dan Stout returns to Fictitious! We talk about his new novel, TITAN'S DAY (DAW Books), the completely different experience of writing a sequel (to his debut novel, TITANSHADE), and the life of an author during the pandemic.


Dan Stout – “Titanshade” Author

Dan Stout is the debut author of TITANSHADE (DAW Books), a hard-boiled cop drama set in a 1970’s-esque fantasy world, where the city is kept warm by the heat of a tortured infernal god, and some of the detectives have face mandibles.



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