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Sarah Beth Durst, THE BONE MAKER author | Fictitious interview

Sarah Beth Durst — THE BONE MAKER author

THE BONE MAKER author Sarah Beth Durst talks about her dark (but hopeful) fantasy novel. We discuss this standalone story's exploration of second chances, the hero's relationship with the idea of being a hero, and how relationships evolve under the weight of time, duty, and trauma.

C.L. Clark, THE UNBROKEN author — Fictitious writer interview

C.L. Clark — THE UNBROKEN author

THE UNBROKEN author C.L. Clark discusses her brutal and complex military fantasy debut about a conscripted soldier returned to her homeland, and a princess in search of a turncoat. We talk about the novel's examination of colonialism, and the power imbalance at the heart of the story's romance.

High Fantasy — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“High Fantasy” — Writing Playlist

Swords and sorcery, monsters and mayhem. Extraordinary heroes embark on epic adventures in your High Fantasy stories. This playlist accompanies your quest through rolling countryside, humble towns, to the brink of war, calamity — and victory.



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