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Marissa Levien, author of THE WORLD GIVES WAY — Fictitious writer interview

Marissa Levien — THE WORLD GIVES WAY author

Marissa Levien, author of THE WORLD GIVES WAY, talks about her dystopian apocalypse story set on an interstellar generation ship. We discuss the cat-and-mouse chase plot, exploring character's perception of their 'world', and how to use different POVs to set tone and audience expectation.

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C. Robert Cargill, author of DAY ZERO — Fictitious podcast interview

C. Robert Cargill — DAY ZERO author

DAY ZERO author C. Robert Cargill discusses his exciting & thought-provoking sci-fi adventure. We talk about subverting tropes, writing robot POVs, tackling existential themes in fast-paced fiction, and the influence of screenwriting & film critique on his novels.

Dystopia — A Fictitious Writing Playlist

“Dystopia” — Writing Playlist

An evil world order... A techno-corporate police state... A world fallen into a malignant, decaying Dystopia. This soundscape crafts an aural image of a society gone dark — waiting for your heroes to bring back the light.


“The Test” by Sylvain Neuvel

Fleeting and unsubtle, Sylvain Neuvel’s THE TEST is, appropriately, all about choices. What decisions will a person make when their future is on the line? How do those choices change under pressure, when the lives of others depend on them?

Vigilance – Robert Jackson Bennett

“Vigilance” by Robert Jackson Bennett

Bleak, propulsive, and frighteningly plausible, Robert Jackson Bennett's VIGILANCE imagines an America which has embraced gun violence as inevitable and marketable. Yet the greatest weapons are the tools of media manipulation...



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