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Marissa Levien, author of THE WORLD GIVES WAY — Fictitious writer interview

Marissa Levien — THE WORLD GIVES WAY author

Marissa Levien, author of THE WORLD GIVES WAY, talks about her dystopian apocalypse story set on an interstellar generation ship. We discuss the cat-and-mouse chase plot, exploring character's perception of their 'world', and how to use different POVs to set tone and audience expectation.

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C. Robert Cargill, author of DAY ZERO — Fictitious podcast interview

C. Robert Cargill — DAY ZERO author

DAY ZERO author C. Robert Cargill discusses his exciting & thought-provoking sci-fi adventure. We talk about subverting tropes, writing robot POVs, tackling existential themes in fast-paced fiction, and the influence of screenwriting & film critique on his novels.



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