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J.S. Dewes, THE LAST WATCH author — Fictitious author interview

J.S. Dewes — THE LAST WATCH author

THE LAST WATCH author J.S. Dewes discusses her debut sci-fi novel. We explore her edge-of-the-universe world-building, its military/prisoner/found-family character dynamics, the "competence porn" trope, and her non-linear 'pantsing' writing method for the space opera adventure.

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ESCAPING EXODUS: SYMBIOSIS author Nicky Drayden talks about her Afrofuturist sci-if/space opera duology that started with ESCAPING EXODUS. We discuss the novels' extraordinary—and squelchy—world-building, the layered social caste and plural family dynamics, and environmentalism themes.

Essa Hansen — NOPHEK GLOSS author

NOPHEK GLOSS author Essa Hansen discusses writing her debut science fiction novel, how she approached her sci-fi universe's elaborate world-building, and the influence of her work as a movie sound designer on her storytelling.

Megan E. O’Keefe – “Velocity Weapon” author

Megan O’Keefe is the author of VELOCITY WEAPON (Orbit Books). Sanda Greeve wakes from stasis aboard an enemy ship to discover she has lost a leg, entire planet, and 230 years. Her only companion is an AI who may not be not entirely trustworthy.



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