Playlist - Writing Science Fiction

Essa Hansen — NOPHEK GLOSS author

NOPHEK GLOSS author Essa Hansen discusses writing her debut science fiction novel, how she approached her sci-fi universe's elaborate world-building, and the influence of her work as a movie sound designer on her storytelling.

Madeleine Roux – “Salvaged” Author

Author Madeleine Roux talks about her creative process for the deep space science fiction thriller SALVAGED (Ace Books), her transformation into an outliner, and the surprising classic story her new novel is built upon.

Megan E. O’Keefe – “Velocity Weapon” author

Megan O’Keefe is the author of VELOCITY WEAPON (Orbit Books). Sanda Greeve wakes from stasis aboard an enemy ship to discover she has lost a leg, entire planet, and 230 years. Her only companion is an AI who may not be not entirely trustworthy.

Caitlin Starling – “The Luminous Dead” Author

Caitlin Starling is the debut author of THE LUMINOUS DEAD (Harper Voyager), It's a paranoia-drenched sci-fi tale that follows a young woman named Gyre on a solo expedition into an enigmatic cave system on a far-off planet.

Shaun Barger – “Mage Against The Machine” Author

Sci-Fi and Fantasy collide in Shaun Barger's debut novel MAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (Saga Press), intertwining the stories of a young magician soldier and a cybernetically enhanced resistance fighter struggling against a planet-conquering AI.



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