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Ryan Van Loan, THE SIN IN THE STEEL author

Ryan Van Loan — THE SIN IN THE STEEL Author

THE SIN IN THE STEEL (Tor Books) is the debut novel from author Ryan Van Loan. We talk about his Sherlock-meets-Pirates fantasy world full of dead gods and shapeshifting mages, and the influence of his military career on the novel.

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Evan Winter – “The Rage of Dragons” Author

Debut author Evan Winter talks about his creative process for the epic fantasy novel, THE RAGE OF DRAGONS (Orbit Books). It's a relentlessly action-packed tale of revenge, survival, and eternal war set in a unique Africa-inspired world.

Here There Be Dragons: Creating Fresh Stories in Fantasy

Recorded live at San Diego Comic Con 2018, the "Here There Be Dragons: Creating Fresh Stories in Fantasy" panel features authors Tomi Adeyemi, Robert Jackson Bennett, Jason Denzel, R.F. Kuang, and Mary E. Pearson. Moderated by Adron Buske.

R.F. Kuang – “The Poppy War” Author

R.F. Kuang, the author of THE POPPY WAR (Harper Voyager), discusses her storytelling process behind the creation of her debut grimdark fantasy novel.



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