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Greta Kelly — THE FROZEN CROWN author

THE FROZEN CROWN author Greta Kelly talks about the creative process for her debut Fantasy novel, the first in a duology. We discuss writing a tightly plotted court-side political drama, layered with tangled romances, conflicting loyalties, and death magic.

Cass Morris — GIVE WAY TO NIGHT author

FROM UNSEEN FIRE author Cass Morris talks about its sequel, GIVE WAY TO NIGHT, the 2nd book in the AVEN CYCLE. We discuss her creative process for the Ancient Rome-inspired fantasy, the trouble with prophecies, and handling a large cast.


Author Alix E. Harrow talks about her new fantasy novel, THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES. We discuss her creative approach for this historically-inspired period piece, the trouble with second novels, and using archetypes from classic mythology.

Leigh Bardugo — THE LIVES OF SAINTS Author

Leigh Bardugo is the author of the young adult fantasy Grishaverse novels (Shadow & Bone, Six of Crows). THE LIVES OF SAINTS is a collection of Grishaverse religious folklore, a physical manifestation of an item from her stories.

Ryan Van Loan — THE SIN IN THE STEEL Author

THE SIN IN THE STEEL (Tor Books) is the debut novel from author Ryan Van Loan. We talk about his Sherlock-meets-Pirates fantasy world full of dead gods and shapeshifting mages, and the influence of his military career on the novel.

Andrea Stewart — THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER Author

THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER (Orbit Books, out now) is the debut novel from author Andrea Stewart. We discuss her writing process for this engaging fantasy adventure and creating the unique magic system that powers her world.

Emily B. Martin — SUNSHIELD author

Author Emily B. Martin discusses the inspiration and creative process behind her adventurous, Western-flavored eco-fantasy novel, SUNSHIELD (Harper Voyager).

Alina Boyden — STEALING THUNDER author

Author Alina Boyden breaks down her writing process for the historically-inspired Fantasy debut, STEALING THUNDER (ACE Books), which she describes as 'trans-girl Pretty Woman with dragons in the Mughal Empire'.

Menna van Praag — THE SISTERS GRIMM author

Author Menna van Praag discusses her creative process for THE SISTERS GRIMM (Harper Voyager Books), a dark and evocative fantasy tale of magical daughters, murderous sons, a demonic father, and the mysterious Everwhere.



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