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Planet Comicon 2019 Panels
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Planet Comicon 2019 in Kansas City – Fictitious Speaker Panels

Planet Comicon 2019

Fictitious Podcast host Adron Buske will be returning to Kansas City from March 29th-31st, to present speaker panels and host main stage events at Planet Comicon 2019.

Planet Comicon is one of the biggest and best conventions in the midwest. Adron has been participating in programming for PCKC for a number of years now, and the Kansas City audiences are always some of the best in the country.

Adron will be presenting two Fictitious panels – the fan favorite “Here There Be Dragons”, and our brand new discussion, “Story Unlimited”. He’ll also be giving the “Real Life Power-Up” seminar, an interactive goal-setting session. And alongside all that, he’ll be MC’ing four other big PCKC speaker events, including panels with the casts of Overwatch and My Hero Academia. Check out all the info about our panels below!

Here There Be Dragons - panel

Here There Be Dragons: Creating Fresh Stories in Fantasy

Friday 3/29 | 3:00PM-3:50PM | Room 2503A

Every genre has its tropes, and Fantasy has many: swords and sorcerers, castles and cavalries, dungeon crawls and dazzling dragons. But with more than a century of fantastical storytelling behind us, how does a writer deliver fresh, exciting ideas while giving readers what they want and expect? Adron Buske (host of the Nerd For A Living and Fictitiouspodcasts) talks with a group of professional genre authors about writing to market, how to subvert cliches and expectations, and blazing new trails on the well-trod map of Fantasy.


  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Keith DeCandido
  • J.R. Frontera
  • Tamara Hanks Grantham
  • Brian McClennan
Real Life Power-Up - panel

The Real Life Power-Up: Leveling Up Personally & Professionally

Saturday 3/30 | 11:30AM-12:20PM | Room 2504AB

Want to take your life to the next level? This fun and nerdy goal-setting workshop uses familiar RPG gaming concepts to track your skills and personal attributes as you quest for self improvement. It includes a motivational “character sheet” you can use long after the seminar. Highlight your super powers and overthrow your weaknesses on the path to career and personal growth. The Real Life Power-Up, presented by Adron Buske (co-Founder of Nerd For A Living and host of the Fictitious Podcast), helps you design the person you want to become, and creates a roadmap for you to achieve that goal. Because your Quest is about more than accomplishments — it’s about crafting your own story.

Story Unlimited - Planet Comicon panel

Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods & Media to Tell Your Story

Sunday 3/31 | 3:00PM-3:50PM | Room 2503A

Do you have a story to tell, but struggle writing that traditional novel, comic, or screenplay? Modern media presents you with extraordinary new options to tell your tale and win an audience. Whether it’s a podcast, video series, webcomic, chat & text story, indie game, serialized mobile fiction, mystery subscription, or something completely new, your potential fans are waiting! And why limit yourself to just one platform? Fictitious and Nerd For A Living podcast host, Adron Buske, talks with a panel of creators and industry professionals about the evolving world of multimedia entertainment – and how you can break in with your own stories.


  • J.R Frontera
  • Stephanie Hansen
  • K Lynn Smith
  • Dayton Ward
  • Jason Arnett

The Best Books For Artists and Art Lovers

Friday 3/29 | 5:00PM-5:50PM | Room 2502A

Ever wondered where artists find their inspirations? Want to know what the books for your coffee tables should be. This panel is for you.

Featuring: Tran Nguyen, Bill Carman, Cory Godbey, Lauren Panepinto.

Video Game Voices: A Look at Overwatch

Friday 3/29 | 6:00PM-6:50PM | Grand Ballroom (Room 2501)

Voices from the Game Awards winner for best continuing game, Overwatch, take part in a special Q&A fans and players won’t want to miss.

Featuring: Josh Petersdorf, Lucie Pohl, Chloe Hollings.

TMNT: The Live Art Hour

Saturday 3/30 | 1:30PM-2:20PM | Room 2504AB

Join TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and special guests as they create a one of a kind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece before a live crowd. Celebrate some of pop culture’s most influential heroes and bid on this one of a kind souvenir with proceeds going to the HERO Initiative.

Featuring: Kevin Eastman, Freddie Williams II.

My Hero Academia

Saturday 3/30 | 4:30PM-5:20PM | Great Hall (Room 3501)

Join the voices behind the beloved anime. Planet Comicon welcomes Jamie Marchi (Mt.Lady), Justin Briner (Izuku), Monica Rial (Tsuyu), and Jason Liebrecht (Dabi). Don’t miss this special My Hero Academia hour.