THE MONSTER OF ELENDHAVEN ( author Jennifer Giesbrecht discusses her writing process for the dark fantasy novella, the story impact of her historical studies and fan-fic background, and writing torrid, angry romance.

Fictitious Interview with Author Jennifer Giesbrecht

Joining me in this episode is Jennifer Giesbrecht, author of The Monster of Elendhaven. This dark fantasy novella follows the un-killable, not-exactly human Johann as he slinks about the smokey, dark corners of the industrial-gothic city of Elendhaven. Johann murders and steals with unnatural anonymity, until he develops an obsession with Florian – a prominent, old-money accountant who is, in fact, a sorcerer.

In a poisoned land ravaged by magical misuse, being a mage is illegal and will call hunters down on you. Johann courts Florian’s affection even as he becomes a puppet to the sorcerer’s long-festering need for vengeance, and together they pursue a violent plan that may tear them and their city apart. The Monster of Elendhaven is available September 24th from Publishing.

About Jennifer Giesbrecht

Jennifer Giesbrecht is a horror-fantasy writer and freelance editor from the stormy coast of Atlantic Canada. She has a degree in modern history, a background in street performance, and ten years experience running tabletop games. Her works have appeared in publications such as Nightmare Magazine, Imaginarium and Apex

Jennifer lives in a quaint, historic neighbourhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia with two of her closest friends and five loving cats. She currently works for ‘What Pumpkin Studios’.

The Monster of Elendhaven book cover

About The Monster of Elendhaven

The city of Elendhaven sulks on the edge of the ocean. Wracked by plague, abandoned by the South, stripped of industry and left to die. But not everything dies so easily. A thing without a name stalks the city, a thing shaped like a man, with a dark heart and long pale fingers yearning to wrap around throats. A monster who cannot die. His frail master sends him out on errands, twisting him with magic, crafting a plan too cruel to name, while the monster’s heart grows fonder and colder and more cunning.

These monsters of Elendhaven will have their revenge on everyone who wronged the city, even if they have to burn the world to do it.

The Monster of Elendhaven arrives September 24th from Buy it at AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks-a-MillionIndieBound, or wherever books are sold.

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