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fictitious podcast Episode

Season 2 Announcement: Fictitious Relaunch

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fictitious podcast Episode

Season 2 Announcement: Fictitious Relaunch

fictitious podcast Episode

Season 2 Announcement: Fictitious Relaunch

This is Fictitious, a podcast about the Storytelling Craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’m Adron Buske.

This show features my interviews with authors about their latest and most popular works. We’ll delve into the origins of their stories, their process to refine big ideas into published novels, and get under the hood of their tales to learn what drives them. Bonus episodes will feature writers and creators producing sci-fi and fantasy stories in other media, as well as panel discussions recorded live at various events. If you enjoy conversations about storytelling and a look behind the curtain at how it’s all made, you will love this show.

This, however, is an announcement episode about the return of Fictitious after a brief hiatus, with a new format, new logo and branding, new focus, and a new home on the web.

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you’ll know that Fictitious began as a sister show of the Nerd For A Living podcast, which is produced by me and my wife, Wendy Buske. Nerd For A Living is all about careers in genre entertainment industries, like TV & Film, animation, comics, and lots more. We had a lot of authors and storytellers on Nerd For A Living over the years, and eventually it made sense to spin-off a new show devoted just to them. The first season of Fictitious featured a really great group of writers and authors.

Over the course of those initial episodes, I found the part of the conversations I enjoyed most were the deeper dives into the craft of writing, and how their stories evolved. At the same time, the live speaker programming I was doing at comic cons and other pop culture events was steering more into those story-focused arenas. And while career and business discussions are still part of what I do, this growing emphasis on storytelling craft has been exciting and fulfilling.

During the first half of 2018, Wendy and I took some time off to re-evaluate our shows, their missions, and what we enjoyed most about podcasting. The result is a reworking of our programs that we hope you’ll be into as much as we are.

One big change is that, because Fictitious will no longer be focused specifically on writing careers, and instead on the authors and stories themselves, it didn’t make sense for Fictitious to remain under the Nerd For A Living umbrella. You’ll see and hear that reflected going forward with a completely revamped logo and podcast icon, and how we talk about the show. Fictitious will be available via the same feeds on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, and elsewhere, but its new URL is now, which in turn lives on my personal website at

It’s still produced by the same team, still hosted by me. It just lives in a new place. And, with a streamlined production style, Fictitious will be moving to a weekly release schedule. Meaning you get more episodes more frequently.

I’m really excited to bring you this new season of the show. We’ve got a great line-up of authors coming your way, ready to discuss their newest releases and dive deep into process.

You can follow the show on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram as FictitiousPod. And you can always find me on Twitter where I tweet as @AdronBuske.

As the new season gets going, I’d really appreciate it if you shared the show on social media and with your friends. We need your help to get the word out about Fictitious and our awesome creator guests.

Thanks so much for listening. New episodes start next week.

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