Fictitious host Adron Buske will be at Emerald City Comic Con 2019 in Seattle to host two speaker panels: 10 Points to Slytherin: Why Good Fans Love Evil Characters, and Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods to Tell YOUR Story.

Fictitious Podcast host Adron Buske will be returning to Seattle, Washington, March 14th-17th to present speaker panels at the 2019 edition of Emerald City Comic Con.

ECCC is one of our absolute favorite conventions (in one of our favorite cities). It’s a jam-packed 4-day show full of amazing programming, guests, and one of the best literary/author sections of any comic convention.

Adron will be moderating two panels at the show, including the fan favorite “10 Points to Slytherin”, and our brand new discussion, “Story Unlimited”. Check out all the info about the panels and our fantastic guest speakers below!

Story Unlimited - Emerald City Comic Con panel

Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods & Media to Tell YOUR Story

Thursday, March 14th | 2:45pm—3:45pm | Room WSCC 603

Do you have a story to tell, but struggle writing that traditional novel, comic, or screenplay? Modern media presents you with extraordinary new options to tell your tale and win an audience. Whether it’s a podcast, video series, webcomic, RPG, chat & text story, indie game, serialized mobile fiction, mystery subscription, or something completely new, your potential fans are waiting! And why limit yourself to just one platform? Fictitious podcast host Adron Buske talks with a panel of creators and industry professionals about the evolving world of multimedia entertainment – and how you can break in with your own stories.

View panel page on the official ECCC website.

  • David Accampo – comics writer, Lost Angels and The Margins; co-creator, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery podcast
  • Gwenda Bond – author, Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds; co-writer, Dead Air podcast
  • Rob Hart – author, Ash McKenna series; publisher,
  • Brian McClellan – author, Powder Mage trilogy; creator, Powder MageRPG
10 Points to Slytherin - Emerald City Comic Con panel

10 Points to Slytherin: Why Good Fans Love Evil Characters

Friday, March 15th | 1:45pm—2:45pm | Room TCC L3-R4

Get in touch with your Dark Side! Forget the boring heroes – fandom loves its villains. Loki, Harley Quinn, Darth Vader – with their fascinating backstories, dangerous aesthetics, and devil-may-care attitudes, it’s easy to see why many fans self-identify with the bad guys. But what does it say when you proudly claim allegiance to Slytherin House, the 501st, or Hydra? This panel – moderated by Fictitious podcast host Adron Buske – will explore fan fascination with fictional antagonists.

View panel page on the official ECCC website.

  • Jaimie Cordero – CEO & Glitter Jedi of Espionage Cosmetics
  • Delilah S. Dawson – co-author, Kill the Farm Boy; author, Star Wars: Phasma
  • April Henry – author, The Lonely Dead and Girl, Stolen
  • Sam Sykes – author, Bring Down Heaven trilogy and Seven Blades in Black
Adron Buske

Adron Buske

Adron Buske is the host and producer of Fictitious. A media professional since 2001, he is a writer, interviewer, and multimedia storyteller. A frequent speaker at pop culture conventions, he presents seminars about entertainment careers, the craft of storytelling, and ways to power-up your life using concepts from gaming & fiction.

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